Donuts at Glazed & Infused

This past Friday night I laid on the couch and watched TV went to dinner with some friends.  As we were walking to the restaurant I spied something in the coffee shop window next door. It was a familiar white frosted donut shape  and I was pretty sure I recognized it from somewhere.

^ My face when I realized that this magical window note said Glazed & Infused Donuts were a mile from my house. I obviously had to see if these were as exciting as people claimed they were. The next morning I hopped my chubby little ass down to the coffee shop and brought home this beautiful box:



Ok, so technically there were six in the box but I shoved one in my mouth before I got out the door. STOP JUDGING ME.

Flavors selected were:

Red Velvet: Legitimately a red velvet cupcake in a donut shape, I can get down with this.

Peanut Butter & Jelly: Mixed berry jelly filled square donut with peanut butter glaze. The jelly was too concentrated to a small portion of the center and the glaze was very thin. It did taste like a PB&J sandwich, so, there’s that.

Crème Brule (not pictured…I said stop judging me!): Vanilla bean custard that filled the entire donut, just the way I like it. Burned sugar top could have been crispier but was still good.

Maple Bacon Long John:  Dope as f@$#. Perfect flavor balance and the candied bacon top was a nice touch.

Cranberry Apple Fritter: Nice big pieces of apple and cranberry. That’s all I remember.

Raspberry Glazed: Be still my calorie laden heart. This. Was. The. Best.  The donut was the melt in your mouth kind with a great tart and sweet raspberry glaze.

All in all, these weren’t completely amaze-balls for a $5 a piece donut. They were good but not write yo momma about it good. BUT… dat raspberry glazed doe, will keep me coming back for more.