French Toast at Wishbone


When my friends wanted to go to Wishbone last Saturday, all I could think about on the way there was this dog. If you don’t know who Wishbone (the dog) is then your entire childhood was a sham and may God have mercy on your pathetic ignorant soul. Needless to say that put my expectations pretty high even though the two things are in absolutely no way related.


image c/o tripadvisor

I also didn’t eat any dog while I was there either. (What do you think this is, China?)

I started off with the seasonal lemonade which was cucumber lemonade (pictured in the top of the photo below, yo) and the orange carrot banana juice which were both delicious, refreshing, and made me feel fancy. After the previous night’s ten shots of fireball and well vodka you learn to appreciate the little things like freshly squeezed juice and sitting in a booth facing a nice dimly lit wall instead of that masochist of a sun trying to blind you through the window. But I digress, lets move on to the food.

I had was the Crunchy French toast. If you don’t know what that is, its french toast dipped in cornflakes and then pan fried. Which basically equates to delicious mouth nirvana. I’m not even going to describe it anymore because I’m going to show you the picture and then you will get it.


Put some syrup on that shit and you will be good to go! (you can click on the picture and it gets bigger, you know that right?)

Some other notable eats at this place were the home fries- they’re potatoes so you can’t really f@&$ those up but these were particularly delicious maybe because they were covered with onions? So flavorful!

My friends had an omelette and the crab cakes and no one went home hungry or disappointed. But dat french toast doe was the star for sure.


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