A Baker’s Tale and all sorts of Treats

I don’t know if there is anything greater than reading a good book. They transport you to different places, give you characters you love/hate and when you’re done reading you feel like you lost a good friend. Okay, c’mon don’t look at me like that. You know you nerd out about dumb shit too.

When I heard about A Baker’s Tale opening up in Wicker Park last week….. I could barely contain myself.

I absolutely went the week it opened. I mean, I NEEDED to or else I would die or something akin to dying. Oh, did I mention this place was Alice in Wonderland themed?


Prepare for a lot of photos.



Those are book pages and teacups people!

bakery case


c/o A Baker’s Tale website


Even the bathroom was cute!

Okay lets get real here, this place is nothing if the food sucks. Cute decor can’t carry the business forever. I tried a lot of food here just to be sure. I mean I was doing you guys a favor, so I had to try a lot of stuff. Everything I looked at practically had an “eat me tag” on it.


banana split cream puff


peanut butter s’more and sugar cookie

White Chocolate raspberry puff

White Chocolate Raspberry Puff, Cookies & Cream macaron


cappuccino w/ soy milk

Sriracha caramel

Everything that I tried was really delicious and a reasonable price. My absolute favorites were the raspberry puff and the peanut butter s’more. The peanut butter graham cookie was crunchy perfection and the marshmallow top was fluffy, sticky and just the right amount of sweet. The raspberry puff was big and soft with a crisp outside shell just bursting with raspberry cream inside. Nothing was hard or stale (and trust me I’ve had a lot at “high end” type bakeries) and you can tell everything was made in-house. My cappuccino was huge and about what you would get from a coffeehouse. I found that a plus since some bakeries just care about their baked goods and can dole out some poor excuses of a caffeinated beverage.

I do have a couple critiques, which are minor.

One: their macaron’s are small, and pretty average tasting for $1.75 a piece. I may be biased because I live next to Sugar Fixe in Oak Park, but these are not up to par with those.. smaller and higher priced left me disappointed.

Two: That sriracha popcorn was soft. POPCORN SHOULD NEVER BE SOFT. It was weird and unpleasant and none of us would eat more than a kernel or two. But that flavor was really good so it was confusing.

Those are my only complaints. Keep doing what you’re doing A Baker’s Tale and people will dig it. Except the soft popcorn. Never the soft popcorn.

I’m rooting for you