Biscuits and Pie from !Bang Bang Pie!


There is probably nothing as exciting as the prospect of pie for breakfast. Throw in biscuits and its even more special. My roommate and I shuffled down to Logan Square to see if the biscuits and gravy at !Bang Bang Pie! rivaled our favorite from our local Oak Park spot. We decided to order a couple other things to get the full experience.

  • Chocolate peanut butter pie, duh.
  • Biscuits and Sawmill Gravy
  • Regular biscuit with butter and jam


The biscuits and gravy looked so promising. I mean, look  at how beautiful and majestic that biscuit looks up there floating in vegetarian gravy. Its a real beaute. The first bite even tricked me into thinking I loved it. Soft fluffy biscuit soaked in warm gravy, it was just so pleasing. That is until the flavor literally bitch slapped me across the face. The gravy at Bang Bang is completely overwhelmed with thyme(?) and black pepper. I actually coughed when I swallowed. After a couple bites I couldn’t even eat anymore, it was. Just. Too. Much.

Bang bang biscuit

So I moved onto the regular biscuit. It came with the seasonal jam and butter, you had no choice, bummer as I can be picky. Well, guess what flavor the butter was. THYME. That bitch ass spice wouldn’t get away from my food. Maybe the jam would save my much anticipated biscuit breakfast you ask? Alas no, it too was a sour rhubarb sort of flavor that neither my roommate or I liked. Pity because I feel like if it had been LITERALLY ANY  OTHER flavor I would have had a much better experience. As for the legendary biscuit, it was dense. Like really dense. Sure it was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside but at this point I just wasn’t feeling it.


By the time I was ready to eat my pie I was $16 poorer and really disappointed.  I NEEDED to love this pie. I can say that it was really really good. So rich that it hurt my teeth but that’s not a bad thing when you’re talking dessert. I would have much preferred there to be less of the chocolate layer and more of the peanut butter custardy(<— technical term) layer because it seemed a little unbalanced to me. I’m no expert but at $5 a slice this shit better be pie nirvana. This too was disappointing.

I really wanted to like !Bang Bang pie! in Logan Square but I just…. didn’t. I’d like to give it another chance but if we’re going to be close internet friends, the truth is, I probably wont ever be back.